The Rock From the Sky by Jon Klassen

There is an element of chance in everything we do. We have to decide if we proceed with trust or with fear.

The Picture Book of the Week is The Rock From The Sky, written and illustrated by Jon Klassen.

About the Book:

With muted, deadpan humor, The Rock From the Sky tells the story of a turtle, an armadillo, and a snake, their relationship with each other, and with a rock that falls from the sky. The story is told in four acts in which chance is a major character. Turtle leaves his spot by chance and narrowly avoids death. And it isn’t the last time. Turtle’s relationship with Armadillo and Snake is awkward at times, but saves him repeatedly and by chance. There are social dilemmas and monsters, but the characters very matter-of-factly continue along their path. This book is a meditation on life as it is.

Writing Exercise:

The characters in this book express the humor in everyday events in a way that makes the reader smile at things that are uncomfortable. The writing challenge for the week is for your child to think of something uncomfortable that happened to them — something embarrassing or awkward — and write about it in a way that makes it funny.

Happy Writing!

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