The Camping Trip by Jennifer K. Mann

School will be out in a couple of weeks and academics will give way to new experiences like swimming, fishing, and hiking. If you live in a city or suburb, those new experiences might include a camping trip like the one in this week’s book.

The Picture Book of the Week is The Camping Trip, written an illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann.

About the Book:

The Camping Trip is about a girl named Ernestine who is invited on a camping trip with her Aunt Jackie. It’s a fun read for anyone who went on a camping trip as a child because you can almost smell the scents and taste the flavors that live in your memory. For a child who has never been on a camping trip, the book is almost as good as being there. Ernestine describes the car trip, swimming in a natural body of water for the first time, making s’mores, going hiking, and more. Best of all, she describes going home and getting to share it with someone she loves.

Writing Exercise:

In The Camping Trip, Ernestine has never been on a camping trip before. The Writing Challenge for this week is for your child to think of something new they experienced this year and try to share their experience with a reader by writing about it. Describe the sights, smells, tastes, emotions, anything that formed part of the experience.

Happy Writing!

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