The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade and Jennifer Davison

The great thing about picture books is that they can communicate universal truths by crafting imaginative characters and putting them in familiar situations. The situations automatically become less threatening, even funny, allowing kids to laugh at some otherwise serious circumstances. The Picture Book I picked for the week is The Very Last Leaf, written by StefContinue reading “The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade and Jennifer Davison”

The Staring Contest by Nicholas Solis

I study picture books to improve my craft, but I also love picture books. They are funny, and poignant, and most important, true. In a few words, they get to the heart of pain, love, or absurdity. This week, I ran across The Staring Contest by Nicholas Solis (full disclosure: I know the author andContinue reading “The Staring Contest by Nicholas Solis”