just in case you want to fly by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson

All children eventually leave the nest. They try and fail. And try and fail. And eventually. Hopefully, succeed.

This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Just In Case You Want To Fly, written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Christian Robinson.

About the Book:

Just In Case You Want to Fly is the story of every child from the minute they learn to walk to college graduation and beyond. It is also the story of every parent, who is there to offer support, empowerment, and a safe place to come home to. This story is an emblem of every parent’s love for their child and of their wish to see their child succeed.

Writing Exercise:

Just In Case You Want To Fly epitomizes a healthy relationship between a parent and a child by showing how a parent supports their child’s empowerment. The writing challenge for your child is to have them write a story that illustrates how they support someone they love — a parent, a sibling, a friend.

Happy Writing!

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