A Spider Named Itsy by Steve Light

Did you ever wonder why the spider went up the spout?

The Picture Book of the Week is A Spider Named Itsy, written and illustrated by Steve Light.

About the Book:

The Itsy Bitsy Spider didn’t start out as a nursery rhyme for preschoolers when it was first published in 1910, but it has become almost ubiquitous. Every adult, probably in the Western world, has a version of it recorded in their brains. But, have you ever asked yourself why the spider went up the spout? This question is charmingly answered by Steve Light’s picture book, A Spider Named Itsy. This is a picture book plot I wish I had thought of, but you will have to read the book to find out if Itsy reached his goal.

Watch this Creative Spaces episode featuring Steve Light:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


A Spider Named Itsy answers the question, ‘why did the spider go up the spout?’. Pick a nursery rhyme you know, think of a question you never considered or always wondered about, and write a story answering that question.


Una Araña Llamada Itsy contesta la pregunta, ‘¿por qué la araña subió el desagüe?’. Escoge una canción infantil, piensa en una pregunta que nunca habías considerado o que siempre te habías preguntado, y escribe un cuento que contesta esa pregunta.

I would love to read your stories. If you would like to share, send your stories to contact@alicia-salazar.com.

Happy Writing!

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