Little Red Hen/La Gallinita Roja by Carol Ottolenghi and Reggie Holladay



Have you ever worked really hard to achieve something?

The Picture Book of the Week is a bilingual (English/Spanish) retelling of the classic story, The Little Red Hen/La Gallinita Roja, retold by Carol Ottolenghi and illustrated by Reggie Holladay.

About the Book:

No one is sure where the story of the little red hen originated. Some believe it came from Russia, others England, and still others attribute it to American folklore. Wherever it came from, its plot and message have stood the test of time. A hard working hen finds some grains and decides to plant them. She asks for help from a cow, a pig, and a dog, but they are lazy and they don’t want to help. The hen ends up planting, harvesting, and milling on her own. When she bakes bread, the cow, the pig, and the dog all want to enjoy the fruits of her labor. What will the little red hen say?

Here is the read aloud in Spanish:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Have you ever worked hard to achieve something? Did someone leave all the work to you? Write a story like The Little Red Hen but with your own characters and plot.


¿Alguna vez haz trabajado duro para conseguir algo? ¿Alguien te dejo todo el trabajo a ti? Escribe un cuento como La gallinita roja pero con tus propios personajes y trama.

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Happy Writing!

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