Turtle in a Tree by Neesha Hudson

Sometimes there is more to things than meets the eye. And sometimes different eyes see different things. Perspective is the key.

The Picture Book of the Week is Turtle in a Tree, written and illustrated by Neesha Hudson.

About the Book:

In this book, two dogs argue about what each sees among the leaves of a tree. One says he sees a turtle. One says he sees a squirrel. They both have evidence. Once sees a bushy tail. One sees a hard, round shell. One says that turtles don’t climb trees. The other one is sure he saw one. Something finally jumps out and the two learn to appreciate difference in perspectives and the beauty of an apology.

Writing Exercise:

The writing challenge for the week is to write a story from two different perspectives. Pick two different characters or two different ways of looking at a problem, and write a how different things look from each different way of looking at it.

Happy writing!

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