Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) by Helen Yoon

We have all heard the warnings about wolves in sheep’s clothing, but what if things didn’t go as planned for the wolf (or the sheep). The Picture Book of the Week, Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover), written and illustrated by Helen Yoon, takes on this question in a funny, fractured take on the old adage. AboutContinue reading “Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) by Helen Yoon”

It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenberger and Jaclyn Sinquett

The theme for this week is things that try our courage. Is there something you always do, but if something changes, some obstacle presents it self, it makes you want to run away and hide. The Picture Book for this Week is It Will Be Okay, written by Lisa Katzenberger and illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett.Continue reading “It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenberger and Jaclyn Sinquett”

Marsha is Magnetic by Beth Ferry and Lorena Alvarez

Kids who are naturally magnetic and popular might not find today’s book relatable. For any kid who has struggled with a socially awkward situation, today’s book is a funny, satisfying alternative to feeling bad about it. This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Marsha Is Magnetic, written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by LorenaContinue reading “Marsha is Magnetic by Beth Ferry and Lorena Alvarez”