Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) by Helen Yoon

We have all heard the warnings about wolves in sheep’s clothing, but what if things didn’t go as planned for the wolf (or the sheep).

The Picture Book of the Week, Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover), written and illustrated by Helen Yoon, takes on this question in a funny, fractured take on the old adage.

About The Book:

Wolf as the perfect plan. He will dress like a sheep and infiltrate a sheep community. He will act like one of the sheep. He will eat with them, wash up with them, chop wood and bake bread with them. His plan works, at least in his mind. Then it arrives, the perfect moment to pounce and have his fill of mutton. It is here that the story diverges from its classic telling. Wolf encounters a situation he never expected. His solution leads him to an unusual friendship.

Writing Exercise:

In Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover), the big bad wolf has hatched to perfect plan. The writing challenge for the week is to choose a goal (it can be to run a mile, to read a certain number of books, to learn a dance move, to train a dog, etc) and write out a detailed plan for how it will be achieved.

Happy Writing!

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