Sebastian and the Balloon by Philip C. Stead

Have you ever done something you were never supposed to do?

The Picture Book of the Week is Sebastian and the Balloon, written and illustrated by Philip C. Stead.

About the Book:

This story is about Sebastian, a boy who did something he was never supposed to do. He sat on the very tippy top of the roof of his house and looked. He didn’t see anything, so he decided that he would go and search for something new to see. That decision led him to things he never imagined seeing on his street and he didn’t regret it.

Watch an interview with Philip C. Stead in which he talks about his writing process:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Have you ever done something you weren’t supposed to do? Where did it take you? Did you get in trouble? Write about your experience.


¿Alguna vez haz hecho algo que no debias hacer? ¿A donde te llevo? Te regañaron? Escribe sobre tu experiencia.

I would love to read about your experiences. If you would like to share, send your stories to

Happy Writing!

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