Being a Cat: A Tail of Curiosity by Maria Gianferrari and Pete Oswald

Where has your curiosity taken you?

The Picture Book of the Week is Being a Cat: A Tail of Curiosity, written by Maria Gianferrari ( and illustrated by Pete Oswald (

About the Book:

Being a Cat is all about being curious like a cat. From being happy or excited, smelling the flowers, or noticing things, cats always express themselves in a way that is unique to, well, cats. Follow along as the orange tabby goes through its day chasing butterflies and enjoying cardboard boxes. Then, think about a day in the life of your own pet.

Writing Prompt for Kids:


How do you express your curiosity? How does you pet express their curiosity? Choose either yourself or your pet and write about all of the adventures your curiosity takes you on.


¿Como expresas tu curiosidad? ¿Tu mascota como expresa su curiosidad? Escoje a ti mismo/a o a tu mascota y escribe sobre todas las aventuras que realizas debido a tu curiosidad.

Happy Writing!


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