Heart String by Brooke Boynton-Hughes

Who are you connected to?

The Picture Book of the Week is Heart String, written and illustrated by Brooke Boynton-Hughes, author of Brave Molly (an empowering book for kids).

About the Book:

Heart String doesn’t have a traditional plot, for example, a problem and a solution. Instead, it presents a concept that teaches kids about our connections with the people we love and even with strangers. It illustrates this concept using strings, or “heart strings” that link each person’s heart to another person’s heart. The strings in the illustrations communicate concretely how everyone in the world is tied together and, hopefully, why we should care for each other.

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Whose heart is your heart connected to? Think about the people you encounter every day. Write about your “heart string”.


¿A que corazón esta conectado tu corazón? Piensa en la personas con quien to encientas todos los días. Escribe sobre “la cuerda de tu corazón”.

Happy writing!


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