Just a Little Bit by Ann Tompert and Lynn Munsinger

Have you ever thought about how a seesaw works?

The Picture Book of the Week is Just a Little Bit, written by Ann Tompert and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

About the Book:

In this book, Elephant and Mouse want to play on the seesaw. Elepant sits on one end and it sinks all the way to the ground. Mouse gets on the other end and…nothing happens. The seesaw doesn’t budge. What do they need? Help? Along come more animals and more. They join mouse on his side, but the seesaw won’t budge, until…

Explore how kids can use this story for math here:

Writing Exercise:

Math is hidden in all kinds of daily activities. Think about a time you used math in your everyday life — like measuring milk or figuring out what size shoe you wear, or playing Jenga. Write a story about how a character used math to solve a problem

Just A Little Bit Writing Prompt SPA & ENG

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