Skulls! by Blair Thornburgh and Scott Campbell

Have you ever wondered how your brain stays where it is supposed to?

The Picture Book of the Week is Skulls!, written by Blair Thornburgh and illustrated by Scott Campbell.

About the Book:

Like the name says, this book is about skulls. Specifically, it is about all the things no one thinks about in terms of their skull. Things like, absolutely everybody has one, and they keep your brain safe, and keep your teeth in. place, and…oh…read the book. If you are curious about what your skull is for or why you should appreciate it more…read this book!

Writing Exercise for K-5:

Skulls protect your brain from bumps and bruises. Think of a time your skull protected your brain from getting hurt. Write about what happened and why you appreciate your skull.

K-5 Skulls! Writing Prompt Activities

K-5 Skulls! Writing Prompt Activities in Spanish

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Happy writing!



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