Isabel And Her Colores Go To School by Alexandra Alessandri and Courtney Dawson

When you are new on the planet, there are a lot of firsts. First time to walk, first time to talk, and first day of school. How scary were your firsts?

The Picture Book of the Week is Isabel and Her Colores Go to School, written by Alexandra Alessandri and illustrated by Courtney Dawson.

About the Book:

Isabel is ready for school, but she is a little worried because she doesn’t speak much English. Her bad dreams scare her the night before the first day. When morning comes, she doesn’t want to go to school. She loves colors and coloring. During class, she sees colors exploding all around her. Then she meets Sarah. Will the language barrier stall their friendship or will it melt away? Will her love of colors and coloring get her through the day?

Writing Exercise:

Isabel faces the loneliness of not knowing anyone, not knowing the language, and being in a completely new place without her family. Write about a time that you felt lonely. What got you through it? Were you scared? Did you find a friend? Your story doesn’t have to be about your experience. It can be a story with characters, setting, and plot.

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Happy Writing!

Alicia Salazar – Children’s Book Author

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