Hello, Jimmy! by Anna Walker

Unconditional love is a rare and beautiful thing. Sometimes it takes something unexpected to reveal it.

The Picture Book of the Week is Hello, Jimmy!, written and illustrated by Anna Walker.

About the Book:

Jack loves going to his dad’s house. They make tacos milkshakes, tell jokes and have quiet time. Jack wonders if his dad feels lonely when he is not around. Then one day, Jack’s dad finds Jimmy on his doorstep. Jimmy is a parrot that calls Jack Jimmy. Jack’s dad loves Jimmy. He thinks Jimmy is fun and clever. Jack feels like his dad finally has some company. Then, Jimmy flies away. Jack doesn’t want his dad to be lonely, so he goes out looking for Jimmy. Will Jack find Jimmy? Will Jack’s dad be lonely? Does Jack’s dad love Jimmy more than Jack?

Writing Exercise:

In this story, Jimmy shows up for a season. That means he shows up for a little while and helps Jimmy and his dad in some way. Write about a time that you or a main character in a fictional story, had someone or something show up in your lives for a short time that helped you in some way.

Happy Writing!

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