It Fell From The Sky by The Fan Brothers

Have you ever found a wonder of wonders? What did you do with it?

The Picture Book of the Week is It Fell From The Sky, written and illustrated by Terry Fan and Eric Fan.

About the Book:

In the miniature world of bugs, a wonder appears. No one knows what it is and no one is quite sure where it came from. Did it grow from the ground or fall from the sky? All they know is that it is different from anything they have ever seen. Then, spider decides that it belongs to him. He even has a plan. He will hold an exhibition. Bugs from all over come to see the wonder. Spider grows rich. Then the wonder is taken away. What will the spider do? Will the bugs ever see a wonder again?

Writing Exercise:

This book imagines a magical world where bugs form a society. Write a story in which you build a world that is different from yours in some way. Add details like how characters dress, and talk, and what the world looks like.

Happy Writing!

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