It Could Be Worse by Einat Tsarfati

The world has two kinds of people, the ones that freak out and worry when things go wrong, and the ones who always look on the bright side and roll with the punches. Which one are you?

The Picture Book of the Week is It Could Be Worse, written and illustrated by Einat Tsarfati.

About the Book:

It Could Be Worse follows George and Albertini who are stranded at sea on the remnants of their boat after a disaster that occured before the book started. Albertini lamented everything that happened to them. George looked on the bright side. He sang and played with the mermaids, smiled at the pirate ghosts, and faced down an ark full of hungry carnivores with no fear. Albertini reacted to each event with despair. They end up in a whale’s stomach and in a dark cave before things start looking up and even Albertini looks on the bright side.

Writing Exercise

In this story, George and Albertini were faced with a string of challenges. Each character reacted differently. Write a story or a personal essay about everything going wrong and how you or your characters reacted, what you or they learned.

Happy Writing

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