Lala’s Words by Grace Zhang

Kindness and faith can have unexpected results.

This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Lala’s Words, written and illustrated by Grace Zhang.

About the Book:

It’s a long, hot summer and Lala is rambunctious. She loves running, and jumping, and getting in the dirt. Her mom is not so happy about the consequences of Lala’s activities – torn dress, covered in dirt. One of Lala’s activities is tending to a garden that she found around the block. She brings the plants water and gently talks to them. She tells them they are marvelous. She goes to the garden every morning until her mom, frustrated with Lala’s unkempt condition, makes her stop. She can’t go to the garden anymore, but that doesn’t stop Lala from whispering softly to her friends? Will she ever see her garden again?

Writing Exercise:

In this story, the main character, Lala, talks to plants. The writing challenge for this week is to write a story or an essay about talking to plants or communing with nature in some way — hugging a tree, taking a walk in the woods or along the seashore.

Happy Writing!

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