I Don’t Want To Be Quiet by Laura Ellen Anderson

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you loud or quiet? Is it possible to be both?

This week’s picture book, I Don’t Want To Be Quiet, was written and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.

About the Book:

I Don’t Want To Be Quiet is written in 1st person from the perspective of a little girl who likes to be loud. She chats, laughs, and, claps instead of listening. She clangs cans, pops balloons, sings, and roars! One day she goes to the library and the quiet drives her up the wall…until…she picks up a book. The book gives her a different perspective on quiet v. noise. She still loves noise, but now she finds it in unexpected places.

Writing Exercise:

This week’s book is full of onomatopoeia: bang, pop, drum, stomp, burp, etc. The writing challenge for this week is for your child to write a story using onomatopoeia. It can either be a traditional style book/story with illustrations or a comic book style book.

Happy Writing!

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