Mirabel’s Missing Valentine by Janet Lawler and Olivia Chin Mueller

Christmas just ended, you say? It’s too soon for Valentine’s Day, you say?

It’s never too soon for a good book. This week’s picture book of the week Mirabel’s Missing Valentine’s, is a fantastic rhyming story about a shy little cat.

About the Book:

Mirabel’s Missing Valentine’s is about a shy little girl cat who is nervous about putting herself out there by passing out valentines at school the next day. She makes the valentines anyway and bravely heads off to school the next day prepared to face her fears. On her walk to school, some of her valentines fall out of her sack and end up brightening the day of characters Mirabel has never even met before. When Mirabel and the other characters realize the mistake, Mirabel learns a new lesson about love and friendship.

Writing Exercise:

The narrator tells us that Mirabel is shy, she is nervous about passing out valentines at school the next day. The writing challenge for this week is for your 3-5 grader to write a story about being shy. It can be about their own experience being shy or about not being shy at all and not understanding what it is like to be shy. It can also be a completely fictional story with animals, people, or any types of characters they wish.

Happy Writing!

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