At the Stroke of Goodnight by Clay Rice

How do you say ‘goodnight’?

The Picture Book of the Week is At the Stroke of Goodnight, written and illustrated by Clay Rice.

About the Book:

At the Stroke of Goodnight is a bedtime book for young children. The nighttime illustrations evoke the calm and quietness of the evening. Together with the rhythm of the words, they are sure to give young listeners sweet dreams.

Watch the Vooks video below:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


What is your bedtime routine? Do you read a book? Do you listen to soft music? Or do you watch the world go settle down for the night through your window? Write about how you say goodnight.


¿Cuál es tu rutina a la hora de ir a dormir? ¿Lees un libro? ¿Escuchas música tranquila? U observas el mundo ponerse en calma poco a poco atravéz de tu ventana? Escribe acerca de la forma en que das las “buenas noches”.

I would love to read your writing. If you would like to share, send your goodnight routines to

Happy Writing!

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