Look, Grandma!/Ni, Elisi! by Art Coulson and Madelyn Goodnight

Math problems aren’t just for school. Do you ever solve math problems at home?

The Picture Book of the Week is Look, Grandma! or Ni, Elisi! in Cherokee. It is written by Art Coulson and illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight and it is written in English and Cherokee.

About the Book:

Bo is a young boy who is excited about making redbird marbles to sell at the  Cherokee National Holiday celebration. He has lots of marbles, but he needs a container to put them in. Since his family’s table has limited space, he has to find a container that is just the right size. Bo searches all over the house. How do you think he solves his math problem?

Watch the writer, Art Coulson, describe the book:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Try to find an everyday math problem. It can be measuring ingredients to make a cake or dividing cookies between you and your friends, or something completely unique. Write out your math problem and illustrate it.


Trata de encontrar un problema de matemáticas cotidiano. Podria ser medir ingredientes para hacer un pastel o dividir galletas entre tus amigos y tu, o podrías ser algo completamente único. Desarrolla el problema y muestra un ejemplo con un dibujo.

I would love to see your everyday math problems. If you would like to share, send your drawings to contact@alicia-salazar.com

Happy Writing!


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