Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant by Maria Girón

Have you ever forgotten something? Something big?

The Picture Book of the Week is Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant, written and illustrated by Maria Girón.

About the Book:

Arthur, a young boythinks it is raining, until he looks up. Towering above him is an elephant who has forgotten everything…who he is…where he lives. Arthur decides to help the elephant by taking him on a day of play and adventure.

Will the elephant ever recover his memories? Will playing with Arthur help?

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Think about something you have forgotten – doing your homework, feeding you pet, doing your chores. Write about what made you remember and why.


Piensa en una vez que se te olvido algo – hacer tu tarea, darle de comer a tu mascota, hacer to quehaceres. Escribe sobre que te hizo recordar y porque.

I would love to read your stories. If you would like to, please send your stories to

Happy Writing!

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