Attack of the Underwear Dragon by Scott Rothman and Pete Oswald

Have you ever had a dream? Did you go after it?

The Picture Book of the Week is Attack of the Underwear Dragon, written by Scott Rothman and illustrated by Pete Oswald.

About the Book:

Attack of the Underwear Dragon is about Cole, a young boy who dreams of becoming an assistant knight to his favorite knight of the round table, Sir Percival. He sends Sir Percival a letter, which touches Sir Percival’s heart so much that he makes Cole his assistant knight. Cole throws himself into assistant knight ship and learns as much as he can from his mentor. Soon, however, an unforeseen foe threatens the kingdom. What will the knights do? What will Cole do?

Watch an interview with the author and illustrator at the link below:

Interview with Scott Rothman and Pete Oswald

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Do you know of someone who does what you dream of doing? Write them a letter asking if you can be their assistant. Tell why you would be a good choice for the job.


¿Conoces a alguien que hace lo que tu sueñas hacer? Escribeles una carta pidiendo ser su ayudante. Diles porque serias una buena elección para este trabajo.

Attack of the Underwear Dragon_Letter_ENG

Attack of the Underwear Dragon_Letter_SPA

I would love to read your letters. If you would like to share, please send your letters to

Happy Writing!

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