City Feet by Aixa Pérez-Prado

Do you love shoes? Have you ever wondered what a toddler sees when walking down the street?

The Picture Book of the Week is City Feet, written and illustrated by Aixa Pérez-Prado.

About the Book:

City Feet is a romp through the city from a toddler’s point-of-view. A parade of shoes from loafers to slippers to soccer cleats, bop and hop and tap across the page. I put this book in bilingual corner because multilingual words for good day and good afternoon. Some languages included are German, Spanish, English, and Quechan. This book is for any kid who is a shoe lover or anyone looking for a lively read aloud for their kids.

Watch Aixa Pérez-Prado talk about collages here:

Writing Exercise for Kids:


Do you love shoes? Draw your favorite shoes and tell why you love them.


¿Amas a los zapatos? Dibjua tus zapatos favoritos y di porque te agradan.

City Feet Writing Prompt English

City Feet Tema de Escritura SPANISH


I would love to see your drawings and read your stories. If you would like to share, please send your work to

Happy Writing!

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