The Sun Is Late And So Is The Farmer by Philip C. Stead and Erin E. Stead

Have you ever had to do something, but were afraid to at the same time?

The Picture Book of the Week is The Sun Is Late And So Is The Farmer, a picture book written by Philip C. Stead ( and illustrated by Erin E. Stead (

About the Book:

The main characters in this book are a mule, a milk cow and a miniature horse. Like any good story, the main characters have a problem. Their problem is that they want breakfast, but the farmer (whose job is to give them breakfast), is fast asleep because…the sun is late. The mule, the milk cow, and the miniature horse set out to solve the problem, but they run into another problem. They have never done anything like it before and they are afraid. This book as a message for people of all ages as we journey with the three main characters as they do what they have to do.

Watch the author answer questions about his writing process:

Writing Exercise for Kids:


In the story, the moose, the milk cow, and the miniature horse have to travel to the edge of the world. Draw a picture of what you think the edge of the world looks like.


En en cuento, el alce, la vaca lechera, y el caballo miniatura tienen que viajar hasta el borde del mundo. Haz un dibujo de como tu piensas que es el borde del mundo.

I would love to see your drawings. If you would like to share, send your drawing to

Happy Writing!

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