My Brother The Duck by Pat Zietlow Miller and Daniel Wiseman

Have you ever suspected that things weren’t quite as they seem?

The Picture Book of the Week is My Brother The Duck, written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Daniel Wiseman.

About the Book:

My Brother The Duck  is about a little girl named Stella Wells who has a new baby brother. She isn’t quite sure what to make of him. She isn’t quite sure she is happy about his appearance. Certain signs make her suspect that he might actually be a duck. As a true scientist, however, she can’t jump to conclusions. She has to investigate. Read as the story takes Stella deeper and deeper into the mystery and makes you laugh along the way.

Watch Pat Zietlow Miller talk about what libraries mean to her:

Writing Exercise for Kids:

Stella’s problem was that she had a new baby brother. Think about a time you had a new baby brother or sister (or cousin, or puppy, or goldfish). How did you feel about it — jealous, excited, suspicious? Write about how you felt.


El problema de Stella era que le había llegado un nuevo hermano bebé. Piensa en una vez que tuviste un nuevo hermano/a (o primo, cachorrito, pez). Cómo te sentiste — celoso, emocionado, sospechoso? Escribe como te sentiste.

My Brother the Duck

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