Mary Had A Little Lab by Sue Fliess and Petros Bouloubasis

Have you every had an idea that got a little out of control?

The Picture Book of the Week is Mary Had A Little Lab, written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Petros Bouloubasis.

About the Book:

Mary has a passion for science, but she spends so much time in her lab that she doesn’t have any friends–and no pet. One day, Mary gets an idea to solve her problem. She will build a machine that will make a pet she can cuddle with. Unfortunately, the machine the built to solve her problem creates another problem. Can she solve it?

Watch the book trailer:

Writing Exercise for kids:

Mary had a passion for science. Think about something you love the way Mary loves science. Draw a picture of what you would invent with your passion. Write about what it is and why.

Invention Writing Prompt_ENG

Invention Writing Prompt_SPA

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Happy Writing!


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