Gus Was A Friendly Ghost by Jane Thayer and Seymour Fleishman

Have you ever had a friend who caused trouble?

This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Gus Was A Friendly Ghost, written by Jane Thayer and illustrated by Seymour Fleishman.

This book was first released in 1961 so is technically vintage, but still entertaining.

About the Book:

Gus lives in a house with a family that doesn’t believe in ghosts. He rattles and clanks, but he doesn’t scare Mr. and Mrs. Scott or their children, Susie and Sammy. When Fall comes, the family leaves and Gus gets so lonely, he invites a garden mouse to live inside with him. Gus finds the mouse food and a place to sleep. When the Scott’s come back, the mouse is unhappy and decides to try to scare them away. Gus likes the family and doesn’t want them to go away. Can they all live together?

Watch the read aloud here:

Writing Exercise for Kids:

The mouse in this story behaves rudely while trying to chase the family away. Think about a friend who has done something rude. Write about how you reacted? Did you get mad? Did you stay calm? Did you speak up?

K-5 Writing Prompt Activities_Gus the Ghost

K-5 Writing Prompt Activities_Gus the Ghost_SPANISH

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Happy writing!


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