Robobaby by David Wiesner

Are you good with technology? How about your parents? Your aunts and uncles? What would you do if you got a box of parts and had to assemble your baby brother or sister?

The Picture Book of the Week is Robobaby, written and illustrated by David Wiesner.

About the Book:

At the beginning of Robobaby, a new baby brother has arrived. Unfortunately, he has to be assembled from a box of parts. Mom and Dad do their best, but end up making a mess of assembling little Flange. Uncle Manifold tries, too, but all of their efforts turn into a disaster. Older sister, Cathode, or Cathy, does know what to do and she is ready and willing to help., but nobody listens to her. Will Flange ever get assembled properly? Will the family listen to Cathy?

Watch this interview with David Wiesner about his book, Robobaby:

Writing Exercise:

Robobaby is written like a graphic novel, with pictures and dialogue. Write a story like a graphic novel. Make the story about what you would do if you got to assemble your baby brother or sister from a box of parts. Would you give him/her any special powers or abilities?

I would love to read your stories. If you are willing to share, please send your story to I’ll feature some stories of the week on this blog!

Happy Writing!

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