When The Storm Comes by Linda Ashman and Taeeun Yoo

What do you do when a storm comes? Do you snuggle up with a good book? Or watch the news? Or something entirely different?

The Picture Book of the Week is When The Storm Comes, written by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo.

About the Book:

This sweet rhyming book shows the different things people and animals do when a storm come. Foxes listen. Humans count supplies. Rabbits shelter. Whales swim deep, deep, deep. Everyone prepares to protect themselves against the storm. And when the storm is over, life returns. This book affirms so many things that both people and animals share in common: the need for safety, shelter, family, and community.

Writing Exercise:

Write a story or an essay about riding out a storm. Use descriptive language to show what the wind and rain and thunder sound like, what the storm smells like, and how it felt to need protection from the elements.

Happy Writing!

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