Little Red by Bethan Woollvin

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Little Red, written and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin.

About the Book:

Little Red is a fractured fairytale, that is, a fairytale retold with a new or different spin. In this version the Little Red Riding Hood story, the main character is asked to go to grandma’s house to deliver cake, she meets a wolf and tells him where she is going. But in this version, Little Red is not one bit afraid of the big bad wolf. She anticipates his plan and forms a plan of her own. Her plan does not include getting eaten by a wolf and it does include a cozy, warm winter wrapped in a wolf coat.

Writing Exercise:

Write a fractured fairytale of your own by reading your favorite traditional fairytale and rewriting it with your own special twist.

Happy Writing!

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