The Barnabus Project by The Fan Brothers

Congratulations to Village Books, an indie bookstore in the Woodlands, TX that opened it’s door this past Friday, September 10, giving me a new place to browse the lastest picture books.


Have you ever felt like a misfit? Have you ever yearned to be understood?

The Picture Book of the Week is The Barnabus Project, written and illustrated by brothers Terry, Eric, and Devin Fan.

About the Book:

Barnabus had the misfortune of being born imperfect in a world that demanded perfection. He was kept deep underground where no one would see him except the other misfits and the Green Rubber Suits. He accepted his existence, enjoyed his favorite foods, until…he learned he was scheduled for recycling. Barnabus had to do something. He planned an escape. It would be hard, but he and his imperfect friends had no other choice. They took a chance.

Writing Exercise:

Have you ever had to escape a difficult situation? Write a story or an essay about a time or a character who had to escape a difficult situation. It can be about getting out of homework or getting out of a family function, anything you had to escape.

Happy Writing!

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