Child of the Flower Song People by Gloria Amescua and Duncan Tonatiuh

Luz Jimenez survived hardships during early 1900’s Mexico and became a model and a teacher who was for many “the soul of Mexico”.

The Picture Book of the Week is a biography called Child of the Flower-Song People: Luz Jimenez, Daughter of the Nahua, written by Gloria Amescua and illustrated by Duncan Tonatiuh.

About the Book:

Luz grew up in a village called Milpa Alta, listening to the stories her elders told, learning to grind corn, twist yarn, and weave. She spoke Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs and kept all the stories she heard in her heart. Luz wanted more than anything to be a teacher, but life interrupted. When the Revolution came to her village, she and her family fled to Mexico City, where they sold food and handicrafts to make a living. Luz grew up and, against all odds, fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher, but not in the way she had expected. She taught the world about the beauty and strength of the flower-song people.

Writing Exercise:

Do you know of an inspiring person who accomplished something close to your heart? Do some research and write a biography of this person like the writer of this book did. It can be an ancestor or someone you know right now, like a grandparent. Write about their life and how they accomplished what they did and why it is important to you.

Happy Writing!

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