Snail Crossing by Corey R. Tabor

You never know when an act of kindness will be returned.

The Picture Book of the Week is Snail Crossing, written and illustrated by Corey R. Tabor.

About the Book:

Snail Crossing is about a snail Swho is trying to cross a road to get to some yummy cabbage. He begins with all the determination of someone who doesn’t know the perils in his way. He feels unstoppable. A car speeds over him, but he feels no fear, he keeps going. Then come the ants who could stand to be a little more polite. Snail helps them anyway and they go on their way. Snail gets a little turned around and it looks like he will never get to the cabbages, then fate intervenes.

Writing Exercise:

Snail makes his dream come true in an unexpected way, as a sort of reward for doing a good deed. Write a story about a character (it can be yourself) that has an act of kindness returned to him/her.

Happy Writing!

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