The Hike by Alison Farrell

If you ever roamed the local woods, eating berries and nuts, looking for an imagined treasure, and listening to the birds sing, this week’s story will resonate with you.

The Picture Book for this Week is The Hike, written and illustrated by Alison Farrell.

About the Book:

Wren, El, Hattie, and Bean are planning an adventure. They gather their supplies–food, feathers, poem, map–and set off on a hike. Along the way, they are treated to nature’s delights–fairy ring mushrooms, a flock of birds, a Western toad. They learn new skills, get lost, and find their way back. They climb, and climb, and climb until they reach their goal. You can almost feel what it is like to be there with them-the cool breeze, the flowing stream, the smell of green. It is the stuff of childhood dreams.

Writing Exercise:

The writing challenge this week is to for your child to come up with the adventure they would most like to go on–whether it be under the sea, in the woods, or in outer space– and write a story about it.

Happy writing!

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