If You Come To Earth by Sophie Blackall

In these days of email and texts, letter-writing can seem like an ancient custom or a lost art form. It might seem that way, but letter-writing is actually a handy skill for kids to have, one that they will inevitably use later in life even if it’s only for practical matters.

The picture book I picked for this week is If You Come to Earth, written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

About the Book:

If You Come to Earth is about a child who writes a letter to anyone visiting from outer space. He wants visitors to know a few important facts about Earth and earthlings that might help them be more comfortable. The letter explains our location in the solar system and about the things we have in common. It also shows what makes us stand out from the crowd, how we move around, and the music that is a part of our lives.

You don’t have to be a visitor from outer space to enjoy If You Come to Earth. Anyone who is new here, like young kids, will appreciate this simple and sweet orientation of life on Earth.

Writing Exercise:

Have your child write a letter to someone that explains a topic they don’t know about or are learning about. It can be about anything your child knows about or can do research on and learn about.

Happy writing!

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