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How Dinosaurs Went Extinct A Safety Guide by Ame Dyckman and Jennifer Harney

Have you ever done something you knew you shouldn’t be doing? What were the consequences?

The Picture Book of the Week is How Dinosaurs Went Extinct A Safety Guide, written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Jennifer Harney.

About the Book:

Mom and Dad take their young son to the science museum where they get to see a number of fossilized dinosaur skeletons. The young boy asks, “how did dinosaurs go extinct?”. Mom gives him a plausible explanation, but then dad steps in and decides to take the opportunity to make his son’s question a teachable moment. How did dinosaurs go extinct, according to Dad? Read this wildly funny and action-packed picture book to find out.

Watch an interview with the author and illustrator below:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Have you ever done anything you knew you shouldn’t be doing? Write about how you broke the rules and what the consequences were.


¿Alguna vez haz hecho algo que sabias que no debías hacer? Escribe sobre como rompiste las reglas y cuáles fueron las consecuencias.

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Happy Writing!

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