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Sweater Weather by Matt Phelan

What is the best thing you have waited for?

The Picture Book of the Week is Sweater Weather, written and illustrated by Matt Phelan.

About the Book:

The characters in Sweater Weather, a Papa Bear and his seven cubs, are waiting for something. Is it time to put on their sweaters? Not yet. Is it time to put on their sweaters now? Not yet. Meanwhile, Papa Bear is knitting and the cubs are restless. What do you think they are waiting for? Will it finally happen?

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Papa Bear and the cubs are waiting for something that finally happens at the end of the book. What is the best thing you have waited for? Explain your answer with as much detail as you can.


Papá Oso y sus oseznos están esperando algo que finalmente sucede al final del libro. ¿Qué es lo mejor que haz esperado que sucediera? Explica tu respuesta con los mayores detalles que puedas.

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Happy Writing!

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