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Plátanos Go With Everything/Plátanos van con todo by Lissette Norman and Sara Palacios

For the author, plátanos symbolize love, and dreams, and family. Is there something in your life that symbolizes those things?

The Picture Book of the Week is Plátanos Go With Everything or Los plátanos van con todo, written by Lissette Norman, illustrated by Sara Palacios, with words in both English and Spanish.

About the Book:

Plátanos Go With Everything is narrated by a little girl whose family recently immigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States. She explains with colorful, vibrant language like “plátanos are like golden slices of this afternoon’s sun”, why plátanos are special for her and her family and why they evoke such strong emotions for her and her family.

Writing Prompt for Kids:


What symbolizes love, family, and dreams for you? Write five sentences describing your symbol. Use language colorful language, including similes and metaphors (“plátanos are like golden slices of this afternoon’s sun…).


¿Que simboliza amor, familia, y sueños para ti? Escribe cinco oraciones que describen tu símbolo. Usa palabras de colores vivos, incluyendo similes y metáforas (“los plátanos son como rebanadas doradas de un atardecer…”).

I would love to read your sentences. If you would like to share, please send your sentences to

Happy Writing!

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