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How To Write A Poem by Kwame Alexander, Deanna Nikaido, and Melissa Sweet

Have you ever gone an adventure inside your head?

The Picture Book of the Week is How To Write A Poem, written by Kwame Alexander & Deanna Nikaido, and illustrated by Melissa Sweet.

About the Book:

In this book, the authors use fun, juicy words to describe the process of paying attention and listening. Along with the illustrations, they lead readers on an adventure through the natural world and deep into their imaginations.

What this video of Kwame teaching the ingredients of a poem:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Go on an adventure inside your imagination. What do you see there? Write a poem.


Anda en una aventura dentro de su imaginación. ¿Que ves allí? Escribe un poema.

I would love to read your poems. If you would like to share, send your poems to

Happy Writing!


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