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The Dead Family Diaz by P. J. Bracegirdle and Poly Bernatene

Believe it or not, it’s almost time for the Day of the Dead again. In just three shorts months, many people will by pulling out their catrinas and sugar skulls to celebrate the lives of their dead loved ones. Will you celebrate?

The Picture Book of the Week is The Dead Family Diaz, written by P. J. Bracegirdle and illustrated by Poly Bernatene.

About the Book:

The Dead Family Diaz brings the bright colors and traditional skull masks to life in a story about a skeleton boy who is afraid of the living. He listens to his sister’s horror stories about humans and isn’t exactly excited about taking the elevator to the human world to mingle with them on the Day of the Dead. Once there, he mistakes a human boy with a mask for a skeleton like him. What will happen when the realize their mistake?

Watch this clip from Elena of Avalon about Dia de los Muertos

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Writing Prompt for Kids:


Write a story about a loved one who isn’t with us anymore — it can be a person or a pet.


Escribe una historia sobre un ser querido que ya no esta con nosotros — puede ser una persona o una mascota.

Happy Writing!



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