Alicia Salazar

Big by Vashti Harrison

Words are powerful. Do you use them to hurt or to heal?

The Picture Book of the Week is Big, written and illustrated by Vashti Harrison.

About the book:

Big is about a young girl who wants to be a dancer, but she faces bullying from peers and adults alike because of her size. The words people say to her are hurtful and make her feel like she is wrong to be who she is. At first, the words defeat her, but eventually she finds a way to rise above them and soar.

Watch this interview with author, Vashti Harrison:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Have you ever experienced hurtful words being used against you? Write some healing words that you would use to describe yourself – like funny, imaginative, and creative.


¿Alguna vez alguien ha usado palabras dolorosas contra ti? Escribe algunas palabras sanadoras que tu usarías para describirte a ti mismo/a – como gracioso/a, imaginativo/a, y creativo/a.

I would love to read your words. If you want to share, send your words to

Happy Writing!

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