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Paletero Man/¡Qué paletero tan cool! by Lucky Diaz and Micah Player, Translated by la Dra. Carmen Tafolla


What would you do for a friend?

The Picture Book of the Week is a bilingual and dual language book called Paletero Man in English and ¡Qué Paletero Tan Cool! in Spanish. It was written by Luck Diaz, illustrated by Micah Player, and translated by Dr. Carmen Tafolla.

About the Book:

A young boy sets off the find the paletero man, or the man who sells popsicles out of a freezer on wheels. Along the way, he passes his uncle and other familiar faces, but he doesn’t have time to stop and chat. He needs to find the paletero man. When the boy finally does find the paletero man, he runs into an unforeseen problem. Will he finally get his favorite paleta? Will his friends help him out?

Watch the author, Luck Diaz, give a tutorial on how to make paletas (popsicles):

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Is there anything you know how to make like Lucky Diaz makes paletas? Write a how-to on whatever you know how to make, or you can watch the video and write a how-to on how to make paletas.


¿Sabes hacer algo como Lucky Diaz sabe hacer paletas? Escribe un escrito sobre como hacer algo que tu sabes hacer, o puedes ver el video y escribir un escrito sobre como hacer paletas.

Paletero Man Writing Prompt in English

¡Que Paletero Tan Cool! Tema de Escritura en Español

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Happy Writing!

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