Alicia Salazar

The Boy Who Loved The Moon by Rino Alaimo

Would you fight for love?

The Picture Book of the Week is The Boy Who Loved The Moon, written and illustrated by Rino Alaimo.

About the Book:

The Boy Who Loved The Moon is about love, persistence, and truth. A lonely boy loves the Moon so much that he tries to find a win the Moon’s love in return. He goes to great lengths to find rare treasures to offer the moon, but the Moon is not interested. He decides to offer the Moon something she has never been offered before. Will he finally succeed?

Watch the short film version here:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


Who or what do you love most? Draw a picture or write a poem about the thing you love the most.


¿A quién o a qué amas más? Haz un dibujo o escribe un poema sobre lo que amas más.

I would love to see your drawings or read your poems. If you would like to share, please send them to

Happy Writing!

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