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I’m A Unicorn by Helen Yoon

Do you believe in yourself?

The Picture Book of the Week is I’m A Unicorn, written and illustrated by Helen Yoon (

About the Book:

A young calf who was born with only one horn comes to the conclusion that he must be a unicorn. His book on unicorn facts and myths provides compelling evidence that he is right. However, when he is confronted with evidence to the contrary, he begins to doubt himself. Can he find the confidence to believe in himself?

Watch the book trailer here:

Writing Prompt for Kids:


The main character of this story sees himself as a unicorn. How do you see yourself? Are you an astronaut, or a genius, or a unicorn like the calf in the story? Draw a picture of how you see yourself and explain the picture in one or two sentences.


El personaje principal de este cuento se ve como unicornio. ¿Cómo te vez tu? Eres un astronauta, un genio, o un unicornio como el ternero del cuento? Haz un dibujo de como te vez y explica el dibujo en una o dos oraciones.

I’m A Unicorn Prompt_English

I’m A Unicorn Prompt_Spanish

I would love to see your drawings. If you would like to share, send your drawings to

Happy Writing!

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