Alicia Salazar

Wild Blue by Dashka Slater and Laura Hughes

Have you ever been on a wild ride?

The Picture Book of the Week is Wild Blue, written by Dashiki Slater and illustrated by Laura Hughes.

About the Book:

Wild Blue is about a girl who goes from training wheels to a big girl bike, but it’s really about a girl finding confidence, strength, and power. In it, the dad tells the girl that she has outgrown her small pink bike and it is time for a bigger one. The girl tries to ride the big blue bike, but she keeps falling off. Will she ever be able to ride her wild blue bike into the sunset?

Writing Exercise for Kids:


Think about a time when you have taken a wild ride. Write about your wild ride and why it was special.


Piensa en una vez que fuiste en una viaje salvaje. Escribe sobre esto y porque fue especial.

I would love to read your stories. If you would like to share, please send your stories to

Happy Writing!

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