Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

This week is the first of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) picture books I will be posting through December. Remember to sign up for the Camila’s Invention Giveaway!


Have you ever used your (math) skills to outsmart someone?

The Picture Book of the Week is Inch by Inch, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni.

About the Book:

Inch by Inch is about a clever inch worm who avoids being eaten by helping birds measure themselves, inch by inch. He measures the tail of a robin, the neck of a flamingo, a toucan’s beak, and several more until he receives a challenge that tests his skills.

Watch the read aloud below:

Writing Exercise for kids:

The inchworm in this book has to think quickly to get out of a difficult situation. Think about a time you have used your math (or reading or science) skills to solve a problem. Write about what you did.

K-5 Inch by Inch Writing Prompt ENG

K-5 Inch by Inch Writing Prompt SPA

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Happy Writing!


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