The Most Important Thing by Antonella Abbatiello

What is the most important thing about you?

The Picture Book of the Week is The Most Important Thing, written and illustrated by Antonella Abbatiello.

About the Book:

When the rabbit says the most important thing is to have long ears, all of the animals start to wonder about their ears. Then hedgehog says the most important thing is to have quills and giraffe says the most important this is to have a long neck. All of the animals in turn say the most important thing is to have their strengths, but is there an alternative?

Watch the preview here

Writing Exercise for kids:

In this story, the animals realize that they are all unique and important. Think about what is unique and important about you. Write a list of everything that makes you special.

K-5 Writing Prompt Activities_The Most Important Thing_ENGLISH

K-5 Writing Promt Activities_The Most Important Thing_SPANISH

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Happy Writing!

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